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List & Postal Processing Services

Address quality is the key to any successful mailing project. Visibles processes all your mailing list addresses to meet USPS requirements for address standardization and certification.

List Hygiene & Processing: 

  • By processing your list to meet United States Post Office (USPS) regulations, you save money by reducing your postal rates. 
  • Contact us for a FREE review of your direct marketing programs & how Visibles Marketing can reduce your mailing costs. 

National Change of Address (NCOA): 

  • Over 40 million Americans change their address annually.
  • Visibles will identify movers in your mailing list(s) and update their address information with the United States Postal Service's (USPS) NCOA database.
  • Our NCOA database product makes USPS change-of-address information available, reducing your undeliverable mailpieces before your mail piece enters the USPS system. 

Address Verification: 

  • Visibles will validate and standardize your mailing list addresses to the actual delivery point.
  • Before your mailing addresses can be certified as deliverable, they must first be standardized.
  • Standardization converts your addresses to a standard format by correcting the address and adding missing information, such as a ZIP code, to produce a complete address containing a street address, city, state, and ZIP code.

Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) Certification: 

  • Visibles Marketing will process your customer and prospect mailing lists to insure that your mailing addresses are CASS certified.
  • To receive CASS certification, your list will be checked against the USPS Address Matching System (AMS) and the correct 11-digit delivery point ZIP code and corresponding barcode will be added to each address.
  • For a 10,000-piece mailing, CASS certification of the address list could save you approximately $500. 

Duplicate Address Elimination:

  • Visibles will increase the accuracy and performance of your direct mail programs by identifying and eliminating duplicate records from your mailing list(s).  
  • Our data matching software tools and techniques will remove duplicates from virtually any mailing list.
  • By eliminating duplicate records, you reduce unnecessary printing, postage, and inventory costs.

Suppression Services:

  • Visibles will suppress addresses to those that have opted out of all direct mail advertisement or are deceased or in prison. 
  • We match your mailing lists against the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Do-Not-Mail registry and databases of the deceased and inmates to eliminate them from your mailing list. 

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