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Pet Owners Mailing Lists

Pet Owners Mailing Lists

*75 Million Pet Owners

*Ownership increasing, esp. with dogs & cats

*Pet product categories & options expanding

Pet Owners: There are approximately 75 million pet owners in America who they love their pets! The American Pet Products Manufacturers Associations (APPMA) 2005-2006 National Pet Owners Survey found that over 60% of American households have a pet, and that number is increasing. Cats and dogs lead the way in terms of number of households.

Interestingly, there are more dog owners in the United States by 4:3, but there are actually more cats overall(with approximately 90 million cats and 73 million dogs owned.). Of these, about 80% of dog owners buy their "best friends" presents for birthdays and other special occasions, while 63% of cat owners do the same. Additionally, 39% have a picture of their pet in their homes, and 16% carry a picture of their pet in their wallet or purse, according to the American Pet Association. Most people who are pet owners cite companionship and love as the biggest reasons for owning a pet, and they view their pet as part of the family.


Baby boomers (whose children have grown up) and young professional couples (who delay having children in favor of careers), are fuelling much of the growth in spending. They turn to pets to fill the void and often consider their furry companion a best friend or member of the family.





All this has led to an expanding industry. According to the APPMA, pet spending has more than doubled from $17 billion in 1994 to about $38.4 billion in 2006. And spending is not just on pet basics like food or routine veterinary care.


High-end retail goods and services such as pet spas and hotels, pet therapy, and expanding veterinary services such as pet joint replacement surgeries and delicate eye procedures are becoming more common. The pet health insurance market is growing as are homeopathic remedies. People are also paying more attention to their pets diet, with high-nutrition food choices on the rise and table scraps on the decline. Owners are responding to a growing number of options after the loss of a pet, including creating a diamond from the pet’s remains. The amount spent on pet treats and toys, pet dental care, and pet leisure activities is also increasing. A growing percentage of households even take their pets with them when traveling.

If you're going to start a business, it makes sense to start one with a growing customer base and high demand, like a pet related business.


Not that a pet-related business means you have to get a degree in veterinary science. Or pay thousands of dollars in fees to open up a pet store franchise. When you consider that many pet owners have higher-than-average disposable incomes and full time careers too, products or services that go beyond the traditional can be surprisingly profitable.


For example, if you do like to work directly with cats, dogs or small animals, dog grooming and pet sitting continue to be viable businesses. But they're just the beginning.


If you prefer less competition, consider pet photography, or becoming a pet massage therapist, or raising one of the popular new crossbreeds such as Puggles or Labradoodles. A doggie day care might be fun. There are even people who conduct parties for pets, to celebrate birthdays and other events like graduation from obedience school!


You could sew designer clothes for dogs or designer dog carriers. You can fulfill an ongoing need of pet owners by starting a pet food delivery service, or take care of animal waste through a pooper-scooper enterprise. You could write a newsletter focused on the care of tropical fish, or design and sell dog houses.

It's a purr-fectly great time to start a pet business! And if you start a business, you will want access to all those pet owners in your targeted area. Visibles Marketing can help!





Direct Marketing: Visibles Marketing's pet owners consumer mailing list gives you access to over 75 consumers for unsurpassed coverage of the pet owners consumer direct mail market.





Our pet owners consumer mailing lists provide the most accurate and detailed information on US pet owner consumers anywhere so they are your best prospects for your direct marketing message.

Select from key data elements to precisely target your prospects and increase your response rates.

Data Sources: Our pet owners consumer mailing lists are compiled and updated regularly from multiple data sources including: US Census, US Postal Service, government records, mortgage data, phone directories, credit files, mail responders and other proprietary sources to provide you the most reliable consumer data.

List Selection Criteria: The large number of data elements in our consumer database allows you to transform basic consumer data into highly targeted marketing information and mailing lists. To create your custom mailing list, choose from the data elements within each group below:

Demographic: Age, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Children, Ethnicity, Religion, Language, Education, Occupation, Income, Net Worth, Homeowner, Mortgage, Home, Value, Renter, Length of Residence, Dwelling Unit Type, New Movers, Resident/Occupant

Life Style: Gardening, Golfers, Fine Arts, Antique Collectors, Hobbies, Dieter, Exercise, Ailments, Newborns, Prenatal, Pet Owners, Auto Owner, Motorcycle, Owner, RV Owners, Boat Owner, Pilot, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Wildlife Enthusiasts, Environmental, Mail Order Buyer, Contributor/Donor, Investor

Geography: US, States, Counties, MSA, Cities, Radius (address or zip code), Census Tract, Carrier Route, SCF (3 digit zip code), 5 Digit Zip Code, Telephone (area code/prefixes), Geo Code (longitude & latitude)


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