High Tech Businesses: This collection of High-Tech Businesses includes: Electronic Companies, computer and software makers, medical equipment, aviation and space, the optical industry, bio-tech firms, chemicals, oils, communications, internet companies and more.
Visibles Marketing provides business mailing lists to businesses of all sizes. Our high tech businesses mailing lists are customized to meet your direct mail needs. With over 200,000 high tech business sales leads in our databases, you can pull from our high tech businesses mailing lists and target invaluable sales leads to grow your business. Contact us for your free quote.
Target Marketing: Locate specific high tech companies most likely to respond to your offer with our database of 200,000 high tech businesses. Each high tech businesses mailing list gives you access to executives responsible for purchasing your products or services. Select from many different data elements to increase your response rates and lower your mailing costs.
Data Sources: Our business mailing lists are compiled and updated monthly from a number of sources including business credit reports, annual reports, telephone directories, business and industry directories, government filings and over 20 million phone calls to verify company information for unmatched accuracy.
List Selection Criteria: The large number of data elements in our business database allows you to transform basic business data into highly targeted marketing information and mailing lists. To create your custom mailing list, choose from the data elements within each group below.
Business Types: SIC Code, SIC Code Range, Public Corporation, Privately Held, Headquarter, Branch/Division, Franchise, SOHO
Business Demographics: Year Established, Annual Sales Volume, Number of Employees, Credit Rating, Rent or Own, Minority Owned, Women Owned, Sales Growth, Square Footage
Geogrpahic: US, States/Provinces, Counties, MSA, Cities, Radius (address or zip code), Census Tract, Carrier Route, SCF (3 digit zip code), 5 Digit Zip Code, Telephone (area code/prefixes), Geo Code (longitude & latitude) Contact/Titls: Owner, Key Contact(s) Function, Contacts by Job Title, Contacts by Job 

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