Your marketing strategy will specify the target-markets & segments to pursue and the products and services to be offered that will achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.


Your marketing strategy will effectively allocate and coordinate organizational resources and activities to accomplish your organization's objectives. Contact us for your Free Strategic Review. 


Development of your marketing strategy involves scanning and analysis of the internal and external environments and developing alternative marketing plan scenarios that give your organization competitive advantage.

Internal Environmental Factors

Product, price, promotion, distribution (marketing mix), marketing mix modeling, performance analysis and strategic constraints.

External Environmental Factors 

Customer analysis, competitor analysis, target market analysis, technological, economic, cultural or political/legal environment likely to impact success.

Marketing Plan

Identify's business alternatives, establishes goals and objectives, determines the optimal marketing mix and outlines an implementation plan.The key component of your marketing plan is the alignment with the company's overarching mission statement.
The final step in developing a marketing strategy is to create a plan to monitor progress and a set of contingencies if problems arise in the implementation of the plan.

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