Pet Owners: Visibles Marketing's pet owners consumer mailing list gives you access to over 75 million consumers for unsurpassed coverage of the pet owners consumer direct mail market. Our pet owners consumer mailing lists provide the most accurate and detailed information on U.S. pet owner consumers anywhere so they are your best prospects for your direct marketing message. Select from key data elements to precisely target your prospects and increase your response rates.

Data Sources: Our pet owners consumer mailing lists are compiled and updated regularly from multiple data sources including: US Census, US Postal Service, government records, mortgage data, phone directories, credit files, mail responders and other proprietary sources to provide you the most reliable consumer data.

Visibles Marketing provides consumer mailing lists to businesses of all sizes. Our consumer mailing lists are customized to target your best prospects. With over 75 million pet owners and households sales leads in our databases, you can pull from our pet owners mailing lists and target invaluable sales leads to grow your business. Contact us for your FREE count & quote.

List Selection Criteria: The large number of data elements in our pet owners database allows you to transform basic consumer data into highly targeted marketing information and mailing lists. To create your custom mailing list, choose from the data elements within each group below:

Demographic: Age, Date of Birth, Gender, Marital Status, Children, Ethnicity, Religion, Language, Education, Occupation, Income, Net Worth, Homeowner, Mortgage, Home, Value, Renter, Length of Residence, Dwelling Unit Type, New Movers, Resident/Occupant

Life Style: Pet Owners, Dog & Cat owners, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Wildlife Enthusiasts

Geography: US, States, Counties, MSA, Cities, Radius (address or zip code), Census Tract, Carrier Route, SCF (3 digit zip code), 5 Digit Zip Code, Telephone (area code/prefixes), Geo Code (longitude & latitude)


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