Strategic control is the process to control the formation and execution of strategic plans. It involves tracking a strategy as it's being implemented, detecting issues in the strategy and making necessary adjustments.


Control Processes Determine:

  • If your organization is moving in the right direction
  • Are the assumptions about major trends and changes in your organization's environment correct.
  • Such questions necessitate the establishment of strategic controls.
  • Is your strategy out of control? Contact us today for a Free Strategic Review of your control processes.

Strategic Control Types

  1. Premise control: is designed to check systematically and continuously whether or not the premises set during the planning and implementation process are still valid
  2. Implementation control: is designed to help you determine whether the overall strategy is shaping up as planned. With milestone reviews, you monitor the progress of the strategy at various intervals or milestones.
  3. Strategic surveillance: It is designed to monitor a broad range of events inside and outside the company that threaten the course of firm's strategy 
  4. Special alert control: is the need to thoroughly and often rapidly reconsider the firm's basic strategy based on a sudden unexpected event.
Strategic control processes allow managers to evaluate your organization's program from a critical long-term perspective. This involves an ongoing analysis of your organization and your ability to maximize its strengths and market opportunities.

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